Arlo: Tell us a little bit about the work you do? 

Ruben: As a freelance photographer / creative director I mostly work on projects within the fashion industry. Think about photoshoots, video campaigns or commercials. 

I love creating together with my clients and capturing the vision we have in mind. 

On the side I like to step into the producer role as well and work on projects for international clients. 


Arlo: What are some of your favourite things to shoot and where’s your dream location to shoot? 

Ruben: I love shooting resort wear and jewellery, but recently I fell in love with exploring interior photography. 

There are so many dream locations all over the world that I like. Indonesia is definitely on my list, with its diverse landscapes. 

But I think I'll have to go with Morocco, this country is so magical and beautiful. Can't wait to go back! 


Arlo: What made you say yes to taking on the project of shooting our first collection?

Ruben: First of all, thank you for having me on this shoot and trusting me with your newest collection! I loved the ideas that Nadia proposed and saw this interesting story line coming together,

so I knew it would be so much fun shooting for Arlo Archives. 

Plus I have worked with Sophia before and it has always been a huge pleasure, so it was easy to say YES.




Arlo: You shoot both of film & digital. Why's that?

Ruben: Fun question! As a creative I am the worst at choosing one particular way, so I always want to do more. But the main reason I think is the story telling part of shooting on Film. 

I love the vibe it gives and how people react to it. But digital gives me the security to deliver clean and sharp images, so I mostly offer both. 


Arlo: Do you have any plans to travel for your work this year? Tell us a little bit about it.

Ruben: Actually I do, most likely in April I will be flying to Japan. A country that is so different from any other country on this planet, I recommend everyone to visit it one time. 

Luckily travelling within Indonesia is on my list as well and I can't wait to explore.


Arlo: Thank you so much for your time Ruben. We really appreciate it and looking forward to working with you on future projects.

Ruben: THANK YOU! It was such a pleasure to work together and loved the energy on set. Can't wait to create more magic together. Good luck with everything :)