Sit Down with Matisse Perkins

Sit Down with Matisse Perkins



Arlo: What do you do for work or shall we say lifestyle?

Matisse: I honestly do a little bit of everything! I am a content creator, social media manager and photographer, it changes day to day depending on who I am working with and for!

Arlo: What are your key wardrobe items?

Matisse: I have been a fan of a minimalistic capsule wardrobe for awhile now. The main pieces I wear over and over again are a good pair of white cotton pants, a basic white tank, a comfortable midi dress and of course a good pair of gold hoops.



Arlo: What inspired you to move to Bali and what do you love about it?

Matisse: I have moved around a lot in the past three years and everywhere I went I felt unhappy, bali was the first place I went where I didn’t want to leave so I thought why not give it a try… I feel inspired in bali, everywhere I look there is something new to try and it’s place filled with people who just want to try something new and aren’t judging you for every move you make. The warm climate year round is an extra bonus too 😅

Arlo: Whats next for you?

Matisse:  I am planning on doing a lot of travelling in the next few years which I am excited about and growing my client base and hopefully collaborating with new amazing creative people to help there vision come true. That’s the amazing thing about life at the moment is that I’m not exactly sure what’s going to come next. I am just taking it day by day