In Conversation with Aisha


Arlo: What is your favourite pastime?

A: I’d say that my favorite pastime currently would be surfing! That feeling when I’m up on the wave is indescribable. Being in the ocean in general makes me feel so happy and at peace. 

Arlo: How do you start your mornings and end your days? 

A: Recently, I’ve started my mornings by going longboarding, though as the rainy season approaches, I’ll start devoting more of my time to the pilates studio. I’m aiming to prioritize both my mental and physical well-being. Traveling around quite a lot this year has made me fall out of my routines which is something I’d like to get back on track with.

My evenings are always quite relaxed. It’s the time when my boyfriend and I enjoy quality time together as we’re both always packed throughout the day with work. I often savor a sunset walk or surf before dinner, and a cuddle with my dogs before bed. 



Arlo: Favourite travel destination? 
A: Definitely has to be Japan! Can’t wait to go back sometime, hopefully next year. 



Arlo: Where are you travelling too next? 

R: For the time being I don’t have any big travel plans. I’ve had such a busy year traveling all over the world. I’m taking this time towards the end of the year to slow down a little bit and just enjoy being at home. If anything, I may do a surf trip or two to Lombok.

Arlo: One piece in your wardrobe you could never live without?

R: Most likely, a simple yet chic white button-down shirt. I have plenty in various colors, but the white one is my fail-safe choice. It’s versatile—I can casually pair it for a beach day or elevate it with a nice pair of pants or jeans for a night out.


Arlo: Do you have a sacred place you go to find inspiration?

A: I cherish my solo days, especially when I’m at quite beaches or discovering new places by myself. In the midst of a fast paced life, taking a moment to be alone in a tranquil setting is important. I always find I feel so much more refreshed and inspired when I take these days for myself.