Arlo x Paulo


Arlo: Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

P: My name is Paulo, I am a professional model with heritage ranging from Brazil, Spain and Jamaica and now I have been residing in Australia for over a decade. 

Arlo: What essential items does every man need in his wardrobe? 

P: Men’s essentials involves picking up the best basics that will stand the test of time and never go out of style. From layering pieces to shoes and accessories, such as: 

TOPS * Basic t-shirts * Dress button ups * Chambray + plaid button ups * Long sleeve henley 
OUTERWEAR * Trenchcoat * Wool winter coat * Dressy coat * Puffer coat or vest KNITS * Zip up sweater * Chunky knit cardigan * Crew-neck sweater * Non-hooded sweatshirt SHOES * Black + tan dress shoe * White tennis shoes * Stylish boots * Oxfords or loafers PANTS * Dark slim cut jeans * Black jeans * Casual trousers or chinos * Suiting pants ACCESSORIES * Sunglasses * Chain or rings * Cologne * Classic watch * Backpack or weekend bag * Black + tan leather belt 
JACKETS * Leather jacket * Lightweight bomber jacket * Sport coat * Suiting jacket OTHER * Swimsuit * Suits * Ties * Pocket squares
My evenings are always quite relaxed. It’s the time when my boyfriend and I enjoy quality time together as we’re both always packed throughout the day with work. I often savor a sunset walk or surf before dinner, and a cuddle with my dogs before bed. 




Arlo: Your go-to outfit?  

P: It will depend on what occasion you are about to attend to. However, I personally like to describe the perfect outfit as “simple, but significant” where you don’t have to try too hard but people will still notice you in a best way possible. A reminder that a good posture makes a huge difference on any outfits you wear. 

Arlo: Favourite travel destination?

P: I love tropical countries with beautiful beaches, tasty food and good surfing. I can’t go wrong with those options. 


Arlo: Where are you travelling to next?

P: I am traveling around Europe right now and my next stop will be Sweden.