Arlo: What inspired you to start Kim Soo?

K:  I started Kim Soo in 2016 and Giorgia joined not long after. Having called this island home for 4 years, we found ourselves inspired by the most beautiful and rare pieces and the talented local artisans around us.  It was definitely a leap of faith, a learning curve but I must say I couldn’t have any more gratitude or love for this little business.

Arlo: Who are the women in your life that mean the most to you and why?

G: Being a female founded and led business and at our core, a mother-daughter duo, our DNA is deeply female and by virtue, we have found ourselves locked in the orbit of so many phenomenal and dynamic women. But at the heart of everything that I do is my mumma and my sister, the two women I cherish and adore the most and who inspire me daily with their passion, empathy and fierce love for what they do and the people around them. 


Arlo: The art and furniture you create are all so beautiful. What is it you love about what you do?

K: There are so many facets to Kim Soo but I think the most important thing that makes it so special is our team and
customer relationships. Nothing works if they’re not happy!

Arlo: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs or creatives who are starting out?

G: Trust deeply in yourself and your vision! At times when things can feel overwhelming, mum and I have a little
saying we will tell each other… ‘if it was easy, everyone would be doing it’. A gentle reminder that running a business
is equally chaotic and wonderful and both can co-exist at the same.

K: My advice would be to start out slowly. Understand your market and be mindful of setting up your business as a
fully legal enterprise. Then the fun stuff will follow!